Mainly serving the RC, UAV, and UAS market, Mohrcomposites creates plugs, molds, and parts using composite construction.

Our plugs and in some cases our molds are CNC cut from a digital file with our custom designed and built 4 axis machine. The usual types of materials that are used for the stock are assorted foams from 10 lb. urethane to 1 lb. EPS, wood, machinable wax, and other machinable materials. As a service we can CNC cut your files or create one for your design. We offer a pay for more or less smoothness option when getting plugs or molds cut. A less smooth finish will cost less; this may be an option if your budget is tight. Many customers who use FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) for their foam plugs or molds have used this option.

!!Attention modelers!!

Another option that could save an incredible amount of time is CNC-cutting the parting board used for separating mold halves from the plug. This is a great option once the plug is ready for molding; shoring up a parting board just to realize it is not level could cost many hours on a complicated plug. Our parting board pocket will make it possible to set the plug into it and have all non-negative reliefs be aligned, have tight gaps, and present a level surface.

We can fabricate your RC, UAV, or UAS project from concept to flight testing.




All concepts, documents, discussions, and files are kept confidential







Robert Mohrbacher


Plug, Mould, and Part Construction

Composite parts as strong and light as you need it within a budget that works.


Our knowledge of different materials and applications can be contributed to our endless research and testing.






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