CNC Foam Cutting

Four axis hot wire CNC cutting
Wing cores, wing molds, spar cores, spar sleeve molds, and much more.   This highly accurate machine can be used to cut anything that a hot wire can pass through safely.  The machine uses servos paired with high resolution encoders to give accurate and repeatable results.

Four axis CNC milling
X, Y, Z milling with an X axis rotation, specifically built for mold making in foam and other materials.

Send us an email with your requirements. A response is usually made within twenty-four hours of receiving your email. Mohrcomposites will send you a quote and before any cutting is performed, a 3d pdf drawing (Sample) of a virtual cut of your design will be sent to approve. Depending on complexity and quantity, the parts usually take a week to produce.

CNC Foam Cutting
Laser Cutting and Engraving
Composite Construction
Prototype Design

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If you have cad drawings of your project we can in most cases use them. If you don’t have cad drawings we can help you with our in house cad.




Wing Cores

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